3 Ways to Show Your Pregnant Dog Undivided Care and Prepare It for Safe Delivery


If your dog is pregnant, be ready to give more care and attention if you expect it to deliver healthy pups. If you deny your pregnant dog maximum care, you affect the unborn puppies in a big way. Most dogs have survival instincts, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't know when your dog conceived, when it's likely to deliver and the care it needs to minimise complications and deliver healthy puppies. Here are simple things you could do to show your dog maximum care throughout its pregnancy:

Don't Feed It to Be Full, Feed It to Stay Healthy!

Remember you aren't feeding the mom alone but also the unborn puppies. So if you compromise the feeding standards, the puppies won't be as healthy as you would have wanted them to be. Feeding a pregnant dog might not be easy, but growing the unborn pups is real work! But before you buy food for your pregnant dog, consult your vet and only stick to the feeds they approve. Most vets make food changes based on the weight and overall health condition of pregnant dogs. Since your dog will have increased its weight during the second phase of its pregnancy, give it small meals more frequently. Larger meals might just cause discomfort in the stomach since the food space is limited.

Let It Exercise to Keep Fit

Exercises and physical activities, such as walks and toy-plays, are vital if you want your pregnant dog to stay healthy. Dogs give birth to several pups, and this might be a challenge if they aren't energetic and strong. Regular walks prepare your dog for delivery and the challenges that come with it. However, the walks should be shorter and scheduled at different times of the day, probably when the sun won't be too hot for your dog. Avoid uphill hikes and obedience training during pregnancy so you don't stress the dog. If you don't monitor how your dog plays, knocks and bumps from other pets could injure it or even hurt the unborn pups.

Visit the Vet Regularly

According to most vets, a healthy mom equals healthy puppies. You shouldn't just visit the vet when the pregnant dog develops some complications or when it's about to give birth. You should also make a trip to the vet when your dog conceives so they could confirm it. During the check-up, the vet checks if the dog has discomfort or any health problem. They also recommend the worming treatments that the pregnant dog should take and monitor the vaccinations to help boost immunity. Some worming treatments and vaccines are unsafe for a pregnant dog, and that's why you should often visit a vet to discuss the options that won't put the mom and unborn pups at risk.

For more information, visit a vet near you. 


28 April 2020

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