4 Ways That Professional Grooming Is Good for Your Dog's Health


Although you might consider dog grooming to be a luxury that dogs don't necessarily need, grooming is beneficial to your dog's health in many ways. Because dogs are covered in hair, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when there is a problem. But with regular grooming, you can help to alleviate any problems and stop them from occurring in the first place.

1. Helps Identify Existing Skin Issues

Like humans, dogs can suffer from skin problems. But because dogs are covered with hair, and some dogs have thick coats, you might not even realize that your dog has a skin issue. Dogs can suffer from allergies brought about by the environment and by foods that they are allergic too. These present in the form of lumps, bumps and skin rashes.

A professional dog groomer will be able to spot these issues and notify you so you can take your dog to a vet.

2. Reveals Yeast and Fungal Infections

Yeast and fungal infections, such as ringworm are unpleasant for your dog and can leave them itching uncontrollably. But if you don't what to look for, you might not spot these conditions on your own. Yeast infections especially, are hard to spot since they usually occur in warm, moist areas like the ear canals, between your dog's toes and behind the knees.

A professional groomer will look for these issues as they work to ensure they don't cause your dog any discomfort. You can then have your vet prescribe some medication.

3. Reveals Pests Like Fleas

Although you will notice a flea infestation that has been ongoing for some time, you might not immediately notice a new infestation. But your dog groomer will be able to spot the signs, such as eggs and young fleas, before they set off a full-blown infestation. This will save your dog the discomfort that comes with having hundreds of fleas feasting on their blood.

4. Stimulates the Circulatory System

Dog groomers don't just brush your dog's hair or clip their nails. The best dog groomers also have the training to massage your dog. You could massage your dog yourself, but if you aren't aware of the different muscle groups and their positions, you might do more harm than good. But a good dog groomer will also massage your dog's muscles and stimulate their blood circulatory system.

Are you thinking of pampering your dog in the near future with a spot of grooming? Then remember that grooming is so much more than just a non-essential luxury. Your dog's health will likely improve with regular grooming sessions.

For more information on dog grooming, reach out to a pet groomer near you. 


28 April 2020

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