What Litter Vaccinations Do Puppies Need?


There are guidelines that vets follow in Australia relating to the early vaccinations required by most domestic pets. When it comes to puppy litter vaccinations, it is best to follow these guidelines and opt for all of the injections your puppies will need to see them through the first few years of life. Like humans, booster shots will be needed in some cases but most puppies will be fine with the standard set of injections. What should be included with a puppy vaccination service after your dog has had her litter?

Essential Vaccinations

To begin with, any puppy vaccination service you opt for must include all of the essential injections, known as core vaccines. This means that the whole litter will receive a single shot to cover three major diseases at around eight weeks of age. This is known as a C3 puppy vaccination and will ensure your pups are protected from the major viral threats that all canines are susceptible to.

Canine parvovirus is something that pups can pick up surprisingly quickly when they leave the house for the first time as it is often found in the faecal matter of other dogs. Then there is the virus that causes canine distemper. This can cause seizures, paralysis and even death in the worst cases. The third virus covered under a C3 puppy litter vaccination service is canine adenovirus, which is a little like jaundice in people. If your vet has administered a C3 vaccination, then your litter will be fully protected from these ailments within days.

Non-Essential Vaccinations

You might opt for a C4 shot for your litter instead of a C3. In addition to the aforementioned parvovirus, adenovirus and distemper, a C4 jab will provide protection against the parainfluenza virus. Although this ailment is rarely life-threatening, a puppy litter vaccination shot that includes it can be beneficial if your pups are anywhere close to other dogs, such as those in neighbours' gardens. The additional vaccination will protect against what is commonly called kennel cough but which is, in fact, a form of influenza. C4 shots tend to work better when the litter is a little older, perhaps at 12 weeks of age, but your vet will be able to advise you, based on the general health of your dogs.

C5 vaccinations also include non-essential but advisable cover against Bordetella bronchiseptica, which also causes respiratory problems. Unlike the other vaccinations, this one helps with a potential bacterial infection rather than a viral one. If given, this should be administered at 16 weeks.

For more information speak to a professional who provides a puppy litter vaccination service near you. 


30 April 2020

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