Does your dog need a trim?


Is your dog regularly trimmed or is he starting to look like a shaggy monster? While some breeds of dog will always maintain a short coat others, such as the Shih Tzu, have fur that will keep on growing and if not cut regularly, will soon become matted. While there is nothing to stop you grooming your dog on your own, it is often better to visit a professional dog grooming company and get them to do it for you. If you are looking for an easy way to take better care of your four-legged friend, then here are four reasons to consider using a dog grooming service.

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog

If your dog is not regularly brushed and trimmed, then it won't take much for the fur to become matted. Not only does matted fur look bad, but it is also uncomfortable for the dog and can lead to bruising as the fur becomes stuck together and slowly tightens, pulling the skin and causing pain to the dog. Regular brushing should prevent the fur from matting, but owners frequently underestimate the amount of time each day that it can take to brush a dog and so, brushing is often not done as much as it should be.

Professional grooming is safer and easier

Dog grooming sounds easy until you actually try it. While there are some dogs who will happily stand still while you trim their fur to the desired length, these dogs are a small minority. Most dogs as soon as they hear the trimmer turn on, will try and escape. Unless you are a professional with the right training and equipment, it isn't easy to keep the dog still and unstressed while still achieving that perfectly shaped coat. Professional grooming is safer for the dog since they will not injure themselves trying to escape or avoiding the trimmer or sharp pair of scissors you are using on them.

A professional achieves a better result

While you might feel like having a go with the clippers and grooming your dog, it is indisputable that a dog grooming shop will be able to achieve a neater, more even appearance with much less effort than it would take you. Without suitable training, your dog grooming efforts are likely to result in an uneven cut that just doesn't look right. Why risk leaving your dog looking like a styling disaster? It is best to call the professionals and let them get to work.

For more information on dog grooming, reach out to a pet groomer near you.


8 May 2020

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