Reasons To Have Scheduled Vet Visits For Your Exotic Pet Bird


Birds are common pets for many a household since these animals tend to be easy to care for when compared to other pets, especially dogs that require daily walks and your full-time attention. And if you own a pet bird, you likely have chosen an exotic species probably due to its unique plumage and unique calls and melodies. But one thing to note about owning an exotic bird is that the type of care that you would offer a native species may not suffice.

Exotic bird species will face extraordinary challenges when it comes to their health and acclimatizing to a new environment. Hence, you must seek some assistance from your local vet. The following are a couple of the reasons why you should have scheduled vet visits for your exotic pet bird.

Improved home environment

A misassumption some newbie bird owners have regarding their pet is that as long as they have a cage and they provide food and water then their exotic bird will be fine. The reality of the matter is that different exotic bird species will require varying changes to their environment. For instance, some exotic birds may need optimum exposure to sunlight throughout the day, so their cage should not be placed in a dark part of the house, or the overall wellness of the bird will be compromised.

On the other hand, some bird species may require specific temperatures to thrive, so they will not do well if their environment is either too hot or too cold. A veterinarian that specialises in exotic animal species will be the best person to guide you on how best to improve the bird's environment at home.

Correct nutritional care

The second reason why you should schedule visits to the vet for your exotic pet bird is to make sure that the animal is receiving the right nutritional diet. Granted, you can walk into any pet store or supermarket and find an assortment of bird food to purchase. However, depending on the region that your exotic bird is native to, some foodstuffs may lead to negative interactions that could prove fatal to your pet.

In the beginning, your vet will probably come up with a strict diet to adhere to that will minimise the risk of your exotic bird having an allergic reaction. Over time, your vet may then introduce additional food items on a gradual basis while monitoring the bird's health. It is also important to note that your vet will advise you on behavioural changes that you should be wary of that would be indicative of potential toxicity.


2 June 2020

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