Why Desexing Your Dog Is So Important


Pet desexing is very widely done across Australia, with only licensed breeders generally allowed to breed and sell animals as pets. You might think that it is quite a cruel idea, but the reality is that pet desexing is important to keep your dogs happy, whether they are male or female. If you, or someone you know, has had a litter of puppies in the recent past, then here are a few reasons why you should be ready to desex them when the age comes and why it is not as expensive as you think. 

Reduce Health Risks

Female dogs have a lot more health risks associated with still being able to breed than male dogs, even if you exclude the dangers of a healthy pregnancy. From problems with their periods to a lot more infections and diseases in the reproductive system, there are a whole host of issues that female dogs can suffer from if they are not carefully looked after or desexed. If you never intend on having a litter of puppies yourself, then not desexing your female dog is especially harsh on them and can lead them to a much earlier grave than otherwise expected. 

Calm Your Male Dogs Down

Male dogs can be quite aggressive as teenagers and when they newly become sexually mature. Just like most young males, they become more hotheaded, prone to aggressive behaviour and, if there is no outlet, sexually frustrated. This can lead them to snap when they otherwise would normally never do that, and it can be quite problematic on walks when you see other dogs of a similar breed. Unless they are kept in a controlled environment at this stage, they become far too temperamental for most residential owners to adequately take care of them. 

Not That Expensive

When you consider the costs of some procedures that your pets must go through as they get older, pet desexing really isn't that expensive. Most of the time you can get it done for a couple of hundred dollars, and sometimes even less than that. The procedure itself doesn't take very long either, and most dogs are either able to return home the same day or released the following day if they need to be monitored overnight. When they come back, they will be much more docile and, if they had started displaying symptoms of sexual maturity, you will notice a pretty immediate change for the better. 

Contact a local veterinarian to learn more about pet desexing.


26 March 2021

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