Why Dog Desexing Is the Humane Thing to Do


There has been a real push for better treatment of animals in recent decades, which has been truly great to see and has increased the overall quality of life for countless pets. While dog desexing might seem cruel, it is the most humane thing that you could do for your beloved hound. Yes, it can be hard to entertain the idea when it seems so unnecessary, but there are good reasons. Before you consider trying to keep your puppy from getting desexed, here are a few reasons why you should consider taking them to their scheduled appointment for it when they turn a few months old. 

Control Of Their Hormones

Dogs, just like humans, have wild hormone swings and drastic changes in temperament when they go through puberty and well into adulthood. Unlike humans, dogs are far less capable of controlling these hormones when they present themselves. Having their sexual organs fully intact means that they are more likely to be aggressive, angry, depressed and a whole range of other emotions that derive from not being able to naturally reproduce. Dog desexing removes these harmful possibilities and allows your dog to enjoy their life far more comfortably.

Lowered Life Expectancy

Dogs that have not been desexed and still have their sexual organs fully intact are open to a whole range of genetic conditions that can be fatal. From cancer to abscesses and abnormal growths, sexual organs are responsible for a lot of deaths in dogs and if there is no chance of them getting pregnant or impregnating another dog then this is all for nothing. Allowing your dog to keep their ability to reproduce without ever giving them the option to do so only increases the chances of them dying for no real reason, which is harsh to bear in mind but something you need to consider.

Unwanted Pregnancies Are A Nightmare

If your dog does get pregnant because you haven't had them desexed then there are a whole range of things you now need to consider. How will you take care of the birth? Will you keep the puppy or give them away? What if you have more than one puppy? What if something goes wrong during the birth, are you equipped to deal with it? Dog breeding is best left to humane kennels and animal lovers who know what they are doing and how to keep their dogs safe, so unless you can do that then preventing this difficult situation is the best option. 

For more insight, contact vet clinics that offer dog desexing services. 


19 November 2021

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