Common Dog Breeds That May Need Extra Grooming Attention


Your dog may be a breed that requires more grooming than others. While long-haired dogs obviously need more grooming, short-haired breeds need it, also. Keeping your dog groomed is important for overall appearance and comfort. Without grooming, some dogs may experience serious matting or even hairballs. Here are some of the common breeds whose coats need the most attention.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels have long, soft, and flowing hair all over their body. They need, at the minimum, regular brushing and bathing. One thing that may help minimise issues is getting the right cut. Cocker spaniel fur can be cut and shaped into practical styles that need less attention.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers, also known as Yorkies, have long hair that needs frequent grooming and trimming. Their hair can easily grow over their eyes and ears, and it can sometimes become matted.

Australian Shepherds

Another long-haired breed, these active dogs have coats that require frequent brushing. They may pick up foxtails and other burs when out in the field. These seed hitchhikers can make their way to your dog's skin and cause problems.


Generally, short-haired dogs need very little grooming. However, huskies tend to have a high shed rate. Fortunately, regular brushing does a great job of reducing the amount of fur left on your furniture.

Double-coated dogs

Double-coated dogs don't always have long hair, but they usually have thick coats. These breeds tend to shed a lot, and the top hairs can form mats that get harder to remove the more you ignore them. Matting also reduces the temperature-regulating properties of these coats. Therefore, they need regular brushing. However, they do not need shaving and mostly need baths when they are very dirty.

Poodles and Portuguese water dogs

Poodles and Portuguese water dogs have similar coats. They have hair instead of fur and tend to shed less than other breeds. They also don't shed as much dander, which makes them great for people with allergies. However, it can cause dander to build up under the hair, not to mention that their hair can get a bit long. Therefore, these dogs need regular grooming to keep their hair and skin in good condition.

Many of the above breeds need extra grooming attention for various reasons. Some dogs, such as double-coated dogs, may need specialised grooming. Others may have a traditional cut that requires skill to achieve. Therefore, taking your dog to a professional groomer will be the best choice for maintaining your dog's coat. For more information on pet grooming, contact a professional near you.


27 September 2022

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