Four Signs That Your Aging Pet May Have Joint Problems


Much like human family members, your pets also grow older, becoming more vulnerable to certain health issues over time. Ageing is a natural process for everyone, including furry companions. However, with age, pets may start developing joint problems similar to those experienced by humans. These issues can affect their mobility and overall quality of life, making it crucial for pet owners to be attentive to their pets' health. Here are four signs of joint problems that a vet can help detect and treat.

30 May 2023

Four Ways Your Vet Can Help Your Dog's Ear Infection


Some dog breeds are more susceptible to ear infections than others. That's because some dogs have more hair in their ears, which traps moisture and dirt that can lead to infection. Other dogs have shorter hair or droopy ears that make it easier for bacteria and other contaminants to get inside the ear canal. If your dog has an ear infection, it can be painful and frustrating to treat. But there are several ways you can help soothe your pet's symptoms and get them back to their old self in no time.

30 January 2023